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Meet Our People

Jessica Mayorga (Vice President of Communications):

At Stand, our mission takes life in everything we do every day. Working here, you’ll never question whether or not your work is directly reaching the children and families we seek to serve because our decisions and efforts are centered around them and how we can help them succeed. I feel so fortunate to work with colleagues across the nation who are passionately committed to ensuring that all children of all backgrounds are well positioned to thrive. It’s not just a job for me, it’s an opportunity to impact communities like the one I grew up in. I’m honored to be a part of this work.


Ranjini Govender (Executive Director, Massachusetts):

I like working at Stand for two main reasons: the people and our mission. My colleagues at Stand are smart, driven, passionate, and committed to ensuring we increase educational equity in our country. Every single person I have worked with during my over a half a decade at Stand believes deeply in the power of education to change a child’s life and give them a fair shot at a successful future. Stand’s mission is founded on the core belief that education can be the most powerful tool used to ensure we even the playing field for every child. Our work and priorities reflect a deep commitment to both our people and our mission and am grateful to be a part of the Stand team!


Amani Thomas (Operation Coordination, Memphis):

Working at Stand is like working with a group of truly passionate friends and being able to have tough and honest conversations about what we need to do for our children, figuring out what we can do, and then committing to doing it.

Memphis’ educational landscape is extremely unique and before joining Stand I had never met so many people dedicated to making changes on behalf of our youth. Stand gives me the platform to work alongside amazing and insightful people within our network and through its connections, learn information the average person may not know, and take action at every opportunity. Working in Operations is often called thankless work, but my experience with Stand has been quite the opposite.


Tony Jones (Faith Based Organizer, Louisiana):

For over 20 years I have dedicated my life to training leaders to be exceptional. Within that time frame I have also coached our future (our youth) to not just be exceptional in athletics but also in the classroom. Stand for children provides the best of both worlds. Exceptional leadership and outstanding compassion for the future of our schools. This is evident by the exceptional training and energy each member exemplifies in their work every day. I have been looking for SFC my whole adult life. Thank God I found them.


Jessica Handy (Government Affairs Director, Illinois):

There are so many reasons I love working for Stand! Every day, I get to focus on issues that I care about. It’s the perfect marriage between warm-and-fuzzy do-gooder work and brass-tacks politics. The changing cycles of legislative sessions, campaign seasons, and school years mean the work is never boring and there’s always a new challenge.

We’re a small and nimble office, where everyone has a voice and democracy rules. I have an incredible amount of autonomy to manage my time and set our policy goals, while also having a collaborative team to partner with. And while I love the work, I also love Stand’s focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance for its employees.


Ashley Thomas (Family Engagement and Organizing Specialist, Indiana):

I like working for Stand for Children because I get to be on the right side of justice for ALL kids. I got involved with SFC originally as a mom of 3 children and my oldest son was attending a failing school. Stand helped me understand that my voice was the most powerful in the room when it came to my children's education and now all 3 of my children attend the same school but it is now an "A" school! Working for Stand means I get to help show other parents that their voices matter.


Eric Brown (Baton Rouge Organizer):

Working for Stand for Children is a privilege and honor. I like how Stand is building a tradition and rich history in predominantly African-American neighborhoods in Baton Rouge. I thought this could never happen. Sometimes I feel like a child riding a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. But I know Stand will not let me fall and my parents feel the same. Stand has empowered me to the point my parents think I can help them make everything right when it comes to their child’s education. Stand was a major player in the return of Istrouma High School to local control within jurisdiction of East Baton Rouge School Board. The only high school in zip code 70805 with over 30,000 residents. I could go on and on about why I like working for Stand for children. Stand for children will always be a CHAMPION in my book!


Jay Natoli (National Digital Director):

I love working at Stand for Children because I’m surrounded by driven, talented people working to ensure that all children have access to a great public education. I’m proud to be part of such a high-powered team. I’m genuinely in awe of the caliber of talent on display in each cohort. Their work constantly inspires to keep innovating, improving, and raising the bar of what’s possible from Communications


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Why Work Here

Together, we can achieve a level of impact for African American, Latino, Native American, and other marginalized students whose potential goes under-tapped that few organizations can.