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Meet Our People



Juan Jose Gonzalez
"To me, Stand is a great fusion of three facets of social change: people, policy, and politics.  To work with working class people, residents of my own city and community, and transform their understanding of educational opportunities and change is incrediblby fulfilling and energizing to me.  Don't get me wrong, this is difficult and emotional work, but working in education is the key to revamping our communities and Stand gives me the opportunity to do so in a unique and innovative way."


Parasa Chanramy
"I stand for children because I want my students and children across America to have access to an excellent education.  Right now, an egregious number of children are falling behind; this reality has and will continue to have a negative impact on many generations.  This reality is unacceptable.  Our children cannot wait—we must act now.  All of our communities must engage and be part of a coordinated effort to demand more high-quality schools and systems for all of our children."


Veronica Antich
"I love working at Stand for Children for so many reasons: professional growth opportunities, team work environment, challenges, successes, and rewards, just to name a few. I started working at Stand for Children in 2013 and since then I have grown and learned so much about education policy and politics. I work with colleagues who care and help one another.  I constantly come across new challenges and successes.  Knowing that because of our work, all children in Massachusetts will have a better public education is my biggest reward."

Mirna Cibrian
"As an organizer, I am inspired everyday by our valiant leaders and members who drive our work!  Stand gives me the opportunity to help parents be lifelong advocates and that is truly one of the best parts of my job!  It is a great feeling to work for an organization where we don’t only make a difference for parents and their children in Oregon, but throughout the nation."


Ricardo Martinez

"I work for Stand for Children because I believe that access to a quality education is a birthright and no matter what circumstances we are born into we all deserve an equitable chance to fulfill our potential. By working with Stand for Children, I am working with an army of supporters that want to protect that basic human right of access to a quality public education. To that end, I work to strategically plan and oversee high priority projects for Stand’s Family Engagement & Organizing Team. Some of these projects include: managing cross-functional resources, leading communication and roll-out efforts for new initiatives, and developing tools and templates that assist our affiliates’ parents, teachers, and community members to demand excellent schools."