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Career Development

We recognize that each employee is unique, which is why we tailor our development plans for employees to align organizational needs with individual talents, aspirations, and choices. From day one and throughout your time with Stand, we’ll keep you moving forward on your chosen career path with resources like training, coaching, performance management, goal-setting sessions, and other on-the-job development and growth opportunities.

Some of our key career development resources include:

  • A rigorous and intensive On-Boarding program
    Providing all staff with a strong introduction to Stand’s work, the current local, state, and national issues within the education reform movement, and an overview of Stand’s organizational structure and key individuals within the organization.
  • Role specific training
    Providing more in-depth information and tailored training for developing the knowledge and skills specific to particular positions or competencies defined as critical to achieve success.
  • Team check-ins
    Giving each team the opportunity to celebrate successes, receive feedback from the larger group on particular projects, enhance performance though guided activities which are applicable to all team members, and develop increasingly stronger relationships with all team members.
  • Weekly individual check-ins with managers
    Providing an employee with tailored feedback on performance, support with goal setting and identifying work-related priorities, joint problem solving around job-specific challenges or roadblocks, and career development resources, tools, and one-on-one support for long-term career path planning.
  • A robust performance management and development process
    Including an annual Performance Review and Mid-Year Check-In, which provide a formalized process for discussing individual performance objectives, coaching on personalized career development goals, and an opportunity to re-evaluate existing goals and to tailor these, if necessary.
  • Management Development program
    Ensuring that all managers are skilled and focused on developing the talent of their team. In addition to formal training programs, our career coaches work individually with each manager to improve his or her own management style and skills. We also ensure that all managers are focused on creating a positive work culture and environment while also fostering an employee’s personal and professional development across the organizations.
  • Annual staff retreats
    Giving staff the opportunity to celebrate successes, develop relationships with staff from across the country, receive additional ongoing training in different career areas, and hear from a variety of external speakers.
  • Rigorous training for Stand volunteers and community leaders
    Testifying to Stand’s commitment to human capital development, volunteers and community leaders receive comprehensive training on a variety of topics relevant to their particular community, including meeting and event planning, lobbying, workshop and meeting facilitation, community organizing, local education issues and the local policy landscape, among others.