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What We Stand For

Since 1999, Stand for Children has championed countless policy and budget choices across eleven states that continue to benefit millions of children today.

For the organization’s first 13 years, members in Stand states and chapters worked independently to identify local challenges facing children, to figure out what’s working across the nation, and to advocate for effective solutions.

In 2012, to ensure that we were maximizing our collective impact, we decided to develop a shared viewpoint on how to accomplish our mission and to prioritize strategies that have proven effective in closing the achievement gap.

“What We Stand For” is that shared point of view.

To develop “What We Stand For," Stand for Children commissioned fifteen education policy research papers to identify the most promising strategies for ensuring that disadvantaged students graduate high school ready for and with access to college.  We convened a task force with representatives from the 10 Stand for Children state offices to review the research, draft a shared perspective, and solicit and incorporate feedback from Stand staff and members. The task force approached the project with independence, rigor, and pragmatism.

The result of their work is “What We Stand For” and the supporting research papers; these tools are now available to Stand staff and members across the country. In the future, we will provide additional useful, evidence-based tools to Stand’s members, leaders, and staff.

Together, we’ll use this information to make an even greater difference for students in the coming years.


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Why Stand?

A message from Stand Leadership Center board member John Legend.