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What We Stand For: Investment

sufficient funding, spent wisely

Stand believes every child, regardless of where he or she is from, is entitled to a high‑quality education. The simple reality is it takes money to make that happen — but too often, our schools don’t have enough money, or the money doesn’t go where it’s needed most.

There not only needs to be enough money, but the money needs to be spent wisely to maximize student achievement. Simply spending more does not guarantee better results for students. To improve student achievement, schools must align funding to student achievement goals and provide extra support for populations of students who need it. Schools that serve large populations of students living in poverty, students with disabilities, rural schools, and English learners need extra funding.


  1. Ensure states provide enough funding for schools
  2. Advocate to make sure districts and schools put money where it’s needed most
  3. Support districts to make budget decisions based on evidence of what works


  • Money matters. Both how much money a school has AND how it is used are critical to student success.
  • School resources matter. Schooling resources that cost money, including smaller class sizes at early ages, additional supports for students with learning differences, early childhood programs, and better teacher pay, are positively associated with student outcomes.
  • School finance reform matters. Sustained improvements to the level, distribution, and equitable allocation of financial inputs can lead to the improvement in the level and distribution of student outcomes.

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Why Stand?

A message from Stand Leadership Center board member John Legend.