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What We Stand For: Principals

Strengthening School Leadership

As is true in any organization, the leadership of a school matters a lot — a great principal makes a huge difference for kids and for teachers. From hiring the best teachers to creating a positive, learning-focused school environment, an excellent principal can have a significant impact on teaching, learning, achievement, safety, and a climate of respect and joy.

That’s why Stand works with families to advocate with school districts and states to make recruiting, selecting, and keeping great principals a top priority.


  1. Advocate for states to adopt standards and expectations for principals, and have clear plans for principal recruitment, development, and support
  2. Advocate for districts to have a strategic, comprehensive approach for principal talent management that includes early-career training ands upport, and opportunities for increased autonomy over time
  3. Advocate for states and districts to implement a fair evaluation system tied to student achievement as well as professional growth and ethics
  4. Advocate for districts to have fair compensation and incentive systems to retain the best and most effective principals


  • A principal is the second most influential in-school person on a student’s learning, next to the teacher.
  • Leadership is a catalyst and essential to successful school turnaround efforts.
  • Good principals attract, support, and retain a high quality teachers.
  • Principals need high quality mentoring and professional development tailored to individual and district needs.

Why Stand?

A message from Stand Leadership Center board member John Legend.

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