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What We Stand For: School Choice


A good education is at the core of the American dream — it is the bedrock of jobs, security, and the pursuit of a better life. Yet, today, the life opportunities of too many children are constrained because their family’s income or neighborhood doesn’t entitle them to a strong school.

Stand for Children is fighting to change the odds. We believe every student who works hard has a right to a school that will prepare her for college, career, and a secure future. We believe that no child should be trapped in a school that struggles to help its students learn year after year. And we believe that every family has a right to clear, useful information about their child’s education.


  1. We work at the state and federal levels to create systems that recognize school successes and struggles and provide resources accordingly
  2. We partner with districts to identify chronically underperforming schools and develop locally-tailored strategies for improvement
  3. We stand side by side with parents and community members to make sure they have the information they need about education options and to join them in advocating for change in underperforming schools.


  • School accountability has a clear and positive impact on student achievement.
  • When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school, and like school more.
  • The quality of a school and school funding influence student’s future success.

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Why Stand?

A message from Stand Leadership Center board member John Legend.