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What We Stand For: Teachers


Research backs up what we all know from experience: The person in front of the classroom every day has a huge influence on whether a student succeeds, both in school and later in life. Every child deserves a great teacher so that each student can maximize his/her potential. States and school districts need to support every teacher so that they can be highly effective for children.


  1. Increasing teacher pay across the board and especially in the highest‑needs schools
  2. Improving teacher pipelines to increase the diversity and effectiveness of new teachers
  3. Improving teacher preparation and professional development for teaching reading
  4. Adopting clear and rigorous teaching standards
  5. Creating and funding novice teacher mentoring programs and establishing teacher career pathways


  • Teachers have approximately two to three times the impact of anyother school factor (e.g. services, facilities, leadership) on student success.
  • Diversity in the teacher workforce can have a positive effect for all students, and especially when students have a teacher who shares their background.
  • Nearly one in seven new teachers leaves the classroom before completing their third year.
  • Currently, mid-career teachers struggle to afford a middle-class lifestyle. Paying teachers like the professionals they are can increase the retention of experience, effective teachers.
  • Helping teachers enhance their skills and improve their practice takes time and commitment. It can take up to 20 tries for teachers to master new skills, so a sustained professional learning strategy is important.

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Why Stand?

A message from Stand Leadership Center board member John Legend.